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Simply email any artwork you have to us at together with your contact details and any ideas you have in mind eg colours, logos, patterns, text. If you don't have a design in mind, fear not, our design team will come up with one for you.

If you choose to submit your own artwork:

  1. It is preferable that when submitting your artwork it be sent as a vector format rather than bitmap format. Freehand, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw are applications we are familiar with.

  2. Please do not submit images taken from the internet as the resolution is too low + they maybe copyrighted.

  3. If your company has a specific font type please inform us of the name or simply email us the *.ttf font file.

  4. If your company has specific colours, please inform us of the CMYK or Pantone colour codes or the reference code from our material colour chart (need a material colour chart? please contact us)

Vectors apposed to Bitmaps:

Vector images can be broken up into individual scalable objects. The most common vector formats are; *.ai ; *.cdr ; *.drw ; *.wmf ; *.dxf

These images are not made up of pixels like bitmaps and therefore always render at the highest quality. The objects in the image may consist of shapes, lines and curves with editable attributes that include colour, fill and outline.


Artwork Specifications

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